Sarah works with fertility, sensuality, and women’s wellbeing in deep coaching and mind-body brilliance. These alliances create profound shifts and lifestyle transformations. Every journey is unique, and with Sarah´s intuitive healing & guidance, her clients radiate the innate genius that they were born with, and find the clarity and potential that they seek – in their spiritual, professional, and sexual relationships. Sarah helps women come back home to themselves through the touchstones of sensuality and fertility.

ABOUT ME | You may care to learn more about my passion and the mission I hold, the reason I am doing this bold work, and how I cam to claim my life.

RADIANT WOMEN COACHING | You may be looking for a transformative shift in the way you show up in your life. A deep coaching journey with Sarah will help you break through mediocre relationship patterns, tune into your Pussy Wisdom, and bridge the gap between how you are living now, and your boldest visions of yourself as a Radiant Woman.

TRANSFORMATIVE BODYWORK | You may be ready for embodied healing, desire a transformation of pain in your body, or have interests in awakening sensuality, fertility, intuition, and wisdom in your body.

FERTILITY & PREGNANCY | You may want to conceive and break through infertility, explore Empowered Birth, to open up your sensuality, your Pelvic Floor, experience ease in pregnancy, healthy menstruation, menopause, OR to learn about my podcast, THE BIRTH WORKS PROJECT.





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