How to find your inner Waldo

waldoMany yogis are not unlike Waldo here, searching, wandering, or waiting to be found.  If you grew up in the 80’s you may know the “Where’s Waldo” book series, and if not, seen them at a yard sale somewhere; he’s iconic.  Every halloween there is one in the crowd, quiet, in the corner, maybe with a little dog who is also in red & white stripes.  As a kid I loved searching through the books, through illustrations of scenes with epic battles and strange juxtapositions, looking for Waldo.

I came across this photo on the internet recently, and it just knocked my worlds together!  With the cliche bearded-”peace and love, man” 60’s-hippie looking Waldo personna, I thought the image held a ton of meaning.  It resonates with generations of seekers, and connects us in a way.

The yoga movement in the west has been kind of like the Waldo search for… what exactly?  What exactly are we all searching for?  Maybe it is and has been here, right inside of us, all along…

How do we finally end the searching, and arrive at the finding?  In my practice, it has been as simple as realizing that what I sought couldn’t be caught.  It had to be surrendered.  I’m not saying I’ve found ‘it’ yet, but the action of searching, the need to ‘do’ something in order to feel like my life has a purpose has been surrendered.  In a way, it’s the action of non-action.

In my experience, the empowerment I’ve felt at this realization has been profound.  There was no longer a piece of information, or a book, or a guru I needed to find to be whole or complete.  There was no other way I needed to be, other than the way I was right at that moment.  Groovy, man.  Let’s all put on our own version of a stripey Waldo shirt, and stop with the search, maybe just for an hour, today.

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