Thai Yoga Massage ROCKS!

Photo: Yuki Tsuji
Photo: Yuki Tsuji

The combination of energetic and physical aspects is what makes Thai Yoga Massage unique and so effective. Traditional Thai massage is really a deep, full-body treatment, starting at the feet and progressing up to the head. Using a sequence of gentle, flowing exercise movements, the recipient’s body is moved, loosened and stretched (some stretch applications linked to Yoga.) Specific care is taken with all the different tissues of the joints, fascia, connective tissues, and the muscles. This unique type of massage influences the energetic side as well, restoring the flow of energy throughout the body with applied acupressure on the sen energy lines of the body, aimed at harmonizing and energizing.


Sarah does workshops, private and group sessions, personalized therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage, in your home or at the studio.

Contact Sarah for a massage TODAY!

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