Ayurveda: The 5 Elements & Pregnancy

Ayurveda: The 5 Elements & Pregnancy

with Sarah Louisignau

In this monthly topic call, I flew solo and talked about one of my favorite topics, well two actually!  Ayurveda & Pregnancy!  I hope you enjoy the recording of this call, and if you haven’t already…
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ayurvedic pregnancy

a snippet:   From an Ayurvedic perspective, as long as we are on this planet, we have to deal with 5  primary things: Five elements that affect our everyday lives.  EARTH. WATER. FIRE. AIR. ETHER.  These are the building blocks of creation. They are what creates the body, what creates the environment, our mind, all that you see around you.

The tissues of the body contain a large amount of Earth.  The fluids of the body contain a large amount of Water.  The digestive processes of the body contain lots of Fire.  That which provides movement in the body is governed by Air. And the space channels through which the other four elements move is the Ether element.

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Photo Credit Chris Klau
Photo Credit Chris Klau

Sarah Louisignau is a CAPPA trained Doula, focusing on Yoga + Ayurvedic practices to serve her clients with ancient wisdoms.  She also is a Thai Yoga massage therapist, Pelvis Empowerment advocate and has trained in Maya Abdominal Massage.  She teaches and sees clients in Golden, Colorado.

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