Reset and Detox – Kapha Pacifying Grocery List




Reset and Detox – Kapha Pacifying Grocery List

Our bodies intelligently follow the seasons, as we evolved to eat with what was growing in our own woods and fields, as hunter-gatherers. One of the biggest diet changes between seasons comes in spring, when we move away from heavier, higher-protein and higher-fat foods harvested in the winter that help insulate and rejuvenate the body, and move toward the very austere, low-fat harvest of spring. If you don’t forage, don’t worry! Favor lighter meals, greens and salads to balance the influx of the heavier elements of Water and Earth which become more present in the spring. Maybe try a 1-3 day fast, or omit certain foods for a week like processed foods, caffeine and/or sugar. Tune in next week for Ayurvedic fasting tips for each Dosha!




Yoga&Ayurveda fertilitySarah is a Yoga + Ayurveda Specialist who is passionate about seeing the ‘matrix’ of Ayurvedic wisdom all around us. She teaches workshops around the U.S., and lives in Bellingham, Washington (a much delicious ecosystem for her constitution!)

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