Summer Therapeutic Ayurvedic Yoga Tips


Summer Therapeutic Ayurvedic Yoga Tips

The way you practice yoga has everything to do with it’s therapeutic effect on the mind, body and your overall wellbeing. Yoga means many things to many people, and sometimes, your yoga practice can make your path to healing imbalances or feeling better, more difficult! This time of year, favor a practice that is soothing, more mellow, and slightly cooling. Depending on your constitution and your imbalances, of course.

Generally speaking, with summer comes the influx of more fire element into our environments. As Ayurveda teaches us, like increases like, so we want our summer yoga routines to embody the opposite qualities – cool, sweet, and mellow.

  • Practice at 50-75% effort
  • Twisting to cool digestive fire
  • Slower paced, eyes-closed sun salutations (this is also very challenging!)
  • Lunar style movements and sequences
  • Supported open heart postures
  • Practicing outside on cool grass
  • Favor morning practices when the day is cooler and still moist

We want the therapeutic effect to prevent an over-worked mind and body, prevent exhaustion, maintain digestive fire without over stoking, balance emotions of fiery anger and irritability, make space for quiet reflection and slow the fevered pace of summer, and favor postures and practices that cool and soothe the liver, blood, stomach and eyes.



Yoga&Ayurveda fertilitySarah is a Yoga + Ayurveda Specialist who is passionate about seeing the ‘matrix’ of Ayurvedic wisdom all around us. She teaches workshops around the U.S., and lives in Bellingham, Washington (a much delicious ecosystem for her constitution!)

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