Minimize the Chaos – Prepare for Fall Mindfully


Prepare for Fall and Vata Season

The long days of summer have suddenly vanished, and with what seemed like just an overnight storm, the feeling of Fall approaching is very tangible. There is a shift that happens in nature this time of year; it always catches us by surprise with it’s Vata like suddenness (unlike the transition into Spring which draws out with slow Kapha deliberation.)

The ebb and flow of the 5 Elements  are always shifting around us, and when we’re lucky, and we make a point to stay in tune with nature, the body moves in chorus with these seasonal shifts.  The sensitivity of our ancestors, who lived and died by these rhythms,  won’t ever be our reality, but we can do a lot to remedy the serious nature deficit most Americans experience.

Fall is Vata Season, and it’s a long season, stretching well into Winter. Preparing mindfully for this sharp and sometimes violent transition can be simple, fun and best of all – good for your friends and family!

Vata can get ‘deranged’ if left out of balance for too long. Fall symbolizes a return of the elements that cause Vata to rise: Air + Space. These elements can be seen and felt in the body and environment as: colder temperatures, dryer air, wind, frost, adrenal fatigue setting in from a summer of burning the candle at both ends, insomnia,  dry hack, tickle coughs, dry skin, distractedness, trouble focusing, nervousness, anxiety, and worry.

fall leaves

Here’s some tips for nourishing, grounding, and not getting your butt kicked by the Queen of the Doshas!

  • Restorative Yoga – please please please do more Restorative Yoga! For the good of the community, take time to rest and restore you nervous system, and everything else for that matter!
  • Yoga Nidra – this is the magical ‘Yoga of Sleep’ meditation. If you’re not sure what this is, check out my page on Yoga Nidra, and maybe even try Yoga Nidra for Balancing Vata.
  • Give your Feet some LOVE – get a pedicure, give yourself one, try reflexology, do some self massage. There are pressure points all over the feet that relate to every system, organ, and sense in the body – you can stimulate and relieve tension so easily with 15 minutes of massage.
  • Move in Nature – are you sick of hearing it yet? Getting your ass out into the woods, into natural air and light, and away from your devices allows for grounding and nurturing to occur. Move. Let your body just do it’s thang.
  • Stock up on the D – Let your bare skin absorb the sun’s rays, while you still have the most natural way to supplement the body with vitamin D in season. 15 minutes at a time, no sunscreen, maybe even n a k e d.
  • Eat Your Roots – Let your diet consist of foods naturally ripe and in season this time of year, to best harmonize yourself with your place on the earth. Root vegetables and squashes, apples, ginger, turmeric, potatoes, dark leafys…
  • Mind the Chill – Keep your ankles, belly, neck and top of your head warm. These areas are most susceptible to chilly fall breezes, and you will compromise your core temp quicker.
  • Bathe in Aromas – Water Element to the rescue! Take a deliciously warm bath with your favorite grounding essential oils. My recommendations are in my Vata Dosha Balancing Aroma blend.

Stay Warm and Nourished out there – and you will be available to witness the magic that is life going to sleep all around you!


Yoga&Ayurveda fertilitySarah is a Yoga + Ayurveda Specialist who is passionate about seeing the ‘matrix’ of Ayurvedic wisdom all around us. She teaches workshops around the US, and lives in Bellingham, Washington (a much delicious ecosystem for her constitution!)

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