photo: Jim Meyers

Sarah Louisignau is the Transformation Doula. She has committed to exploring what is below the surface, and through a career as a Transformative Bodyworker, Women’s Sensuality and Fertility Coach, and Birth Professional, she has culminated over 1,000 hours of professional study and a decade of teaching –  uncovering truth in the human relationship with self and other. She works with individuals and couples in deep-dive bodywork and coaching alliances.

Sarah is committed to assisting her clients tap into their own strength and wisdom. Curiosity, courageous honesty, and intuitive healing connection are her greatest gifts. You may come to work with Sarah as a stranger, but you will leave with a powerful friendship and supportive lifelong alliance.

Active participation is how transformation happens. Sarah empowers her clients to take complete ownership of their own journey. She knows that a deep rooted pattern – whether it is inside the tissues or inside the subconscious mind – can only be metabolized from the inside out. Her approach to bodywork and to coaching are the same – awaken the wisdom within. From there, anything is possible.

To find out more about her offers,  schedule a free breakthrough consultation!


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