Sarah works with women who are ready to shift the paradigm, claim their Lioness inside, and who dare to live fully awakened, sensual lives – in love with themselves.

  • Are you an entrepreneur, mother, partner, or wellness professional looking to up level your communication, lifestyle design, sensual or sexual freedom, or restart your relationship?

  • Do you desire to live your life with a spark inside you that fuels your creative visions, inspires those around you, and fulfills your longing for purpose?

  • Are you living with a disconnection to your full feminine range: a depleted feeling – sexually, sensually, creatively, or spiritually?

Sarah passionately offers coaching alliances for women exploring embracing their sensuality, tenderness as strength, empowered vulnerability, and radiant lifestyle design. She believes that, as women, we have the unique power of creativity in our womb, a wisdom that we too often push aside. A profound relationship with your own innate sensual wisdom inspires healthy relating with yourself, family, and community. This is the path of the ardent female, the radiant lioness – she is inside us all. It is time to peel back the layers of shame and self doubt and stand with your Lioness Inside.

What if you had someone in your life who really saw you, saw this passionate care inside you, and believed you could succeed? Someone who could help you bridge the gap between the ecstatic vision you have for your life, and the way you are living it now?
This is what I do. 

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Radiant Woman – Womb Wisdom Transformation Coaching Packages


Invest in yourself like never before, and feel yourself blossom into the woman you have dreamed yourself to be…

A 45 Day Alliance Perfectly Tailored to YOU Including:

– Transformative Conversations which spark deep inner shifts that invite a transformation in your long held patterns and beliefs

– Intuitive and Sensual Bodywork Sessions (when available) that dearmor your body and ripen your connection to your femininity & sexuality (depending on availability)

  • Breakthrough Weekend – 9 hours straight into the heart of it all!
  • Weekly Deep Dive Coaching Conversations
  • Access by phone, email, or text
  • Remarkable accountability, allegiance and honesty
  • Self-Inquiry Exercises & Guided Meditations
  • Paradigm Shifts and Bio Hacks to harmonise your inner & outer environs
  • Demystifying your Sexuality, Sensuality, and Embodying your Womb Wisdom


RESULTS you may enjoy:

  1. Embrace the Innately Sensual, Radiant Lioness Inside you
  2. Empower your Sex Life, Your Pelvic Health, and your Relationship 
  3. Move Forward in Your Life Fully Embodied in Your Wisdom
  4. Demonstrate Non-Competetiveness for All Women and Embrace your Sisters as Queens
  5. Claim Your Queendom – Toxic Relationships and Environments are Banished

I really feel at rest knowing that my womb knows what to do! I am no longer in doubt or desperate to get attention – I feel more certain of myself and relaxed, and confident that I’m in no rush, I know what I’m looking for in a man, and that I know I can be myself. AND guses what else have been wonderful – my CLITORIS is working now! ” ~ T.N. Radiant Woman Coaching client

“I love what we are doing together, it feels so right. I really value deep connection with women, and because of my history with girls bullying me, I have been holding back. It feels so good to let that story GO, of having to stay small in order not to outshine other women. I am ready to take my talents and my sexuality to the next level.”  ~ N.K. Radiant Woman Coaching client


Are You Ready To Go Deep?