Sarah is on a sacred mission to help driven women who are committed to getting pregnant in a holistic way by conquering infertility, even if they have been mysteriously unsuccessful, EVEN despite what their doctors have told them. She helps them reclaim their health and reconnect with their bodies so powerfully that they boost their fertility, and conceive the child they have been wishing for, all without harmful hormones, chemical interventions or surgical procedures.

Sarah is an advocate for women in many stages of life, and is especially passionate about fertility, prenatal, labor and postnatal support as a Fertility Coach, CAPPA trained Doula, Mayan Abdominal Massage therapist, Vedic Thai Yoga Bodyworker, and Fertility & Pregnancy Yoga Therapist.


She comes to this work with over a decade of professional experience.   She honors the process of every woman in her journey through fertility, pregnancy, and birth as a rite of passage. She is dedicated to bringing women back to their sacred feminine wisdom, which is innate in every woman.

She holds the torch of transformation high, for women to come into the light of their own radiance, to know their worth, and to claim their dream of natural fertility and birth, and ultimately through this powerful metamorphic journey she reclaims her life.



  1. Hello this is Paige Larrabee. I’m due on Nov 28th. I was wondering if we could dicusss more details about doula. It’s my first pregnancy experience and want to do it naturally.

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