Sarah’s husband Odin lovingly calls her the Neuro Doula. She guides her clients on transformational journeys through their bodies, and nervous systems.

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For over a decade her passionate care has taken Sarah all over the world. Her mission is to ignite shame-free sensuality in every woman and girl, and to change the narrative from victimization to empowerment. She works with women who are ready to shift the paradigm, claim their Lioness inside, and who dare to live fully awakened, sensual lives – in love with themselves.

TESTIMONIAL: I had a wonderful experience getting bodywork from Sarah Louisignau. I am not easy to please when it comes to massages, as I find most therapists too insensitive to my body and needs. This time I was not disappointed, rather the opposite. Sarah is very fine tuned and works with your energy, because she listens with her heart and with her hands. She is intuitive enough to taylor the session to your needs and not to a specific style or sequence of “massage moves”. She is also very knowledgeable of the body and uses that knowledge to read your body and meet your particular needs. I would highly recommend her.”  – Marthe Magerøy

TESTIMONIAL:  That experience was amazing, the benefits resonated deeply with me. Everything. Your welcoming smile and hug. Our beginning check-in conversation. Your understanding, sensitivity, and encouragement, as well as your surety in setting real priorities. Your mindful and attentive thoroughness in releasing negative and prohibitive factors and energy within the body. Easing and erasing stresses and tensions. Your calming and fluid exit. And again, your warm, accepting, sensitive, understanding, and healing smile and hug before departure. Thank you.  You are extremely talented. THANK YOU. – Tim

Transformative Bodywork Premium Packages:

IGNITE – One (1) Month Premium Package: Begin to rewire your neurology, and discover empowered embodiment – over the course of one month in a Transformative Sensual Bodywork alliance, meeting weekly.

Investment: $1,500 (USD)

METABOLIZE – Two (2) Month Premium Package: Continue to rewire your neurology and begin to find release of long held sexual trauma, shame and deepen embodied empowerment – over the course of two months in a Transformative Bodywork alliance, meeting weekly.

Investment: $3,000 (USD)

TRANSFORM – Six (6) Month Premium Package: (TBD) Completely rewire your neurology and re-imprint your sensuality and sexual expression, erase shame and fully embody radiance in your sexual expression – over the course of six months in a Transformative Bodywork alliance, meeting weekly.

Investment: TBD

General Information & Guidelines:

  • Before booking, always contact Sarah for an initial consultation or discovery call
  • Every session is a minimum of 90 minutes
  • Packages are not to be seen as discounts, they are opportunities for greater depth and transformation
  • Payment of sessions is 50% in advance, and 50% upon arrival
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of booking, the cancellation fee is 50% of your total session cost. Earlier than 24 hour cancellation is free.
  • Your boundaries and confidentiality will be clearly outlined together with Sarah, and will be respected and honored at all times.
  • Session times include consultation and short integration.
  • Please arrive fresh and clean.
  • Please arrive well hydrated with comfortable layers of clothing.

Contact Sarah for Initial Consultation: 

Explore More on Sarah’s Pinterest Page:


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