Every Pelvis has a Story…

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 11.22.33 AMWith a more subtle and energetic perspective, Sarah uses her background as a doula, transformative bodyworker, and ayurvedic yoga to work with the sacred energies of feminine power.  The hemispheres of the pelvis have emotional significance, and working with energies and flow allows for great healing to take place. She works with women to unlock the creative sensual potential harnessed by every woman at her womb, and this work can bring about transformative releases of conditioning, trauma, abuse, disassociation, or blocked creativity.

Womb work can catapult women into deeper resonance with their truest selves, ignite sexual radiance, and rediscover the wellspring of wisdom available to her. 

A workshop, private session, or premium one-on-one packages with me will help you rewire and embody empowered relationship to your sensuality:

  • Discovering your pelvic floor muscles, and how to live inside your pelvis with shame free sensuality.
  • Stress incontinence, urge incontinence, prolapsed organs, or hysterectomy related issues become empowering areas for personal growth – not pathology!
  • Sexual pleasure awakening including: re-sensitizing for better orgasms, cervical de-armoring, pleasure during sex, pain free sex, re-association with sexuality, sexual trauma clearing, sexual energy awakening and play, embracing your inner Ethical Slut
  • Pelvic & Abdominal Bodywork: how to do it yourself or experience the gentle and precise hands of a professional bodyworker trained in this arena
  • Unlocking you creative energies – whether you want to conceive a child, or birth a project, you have access to infinite creative energy inside you. It just needs to be let free!
blossoming pelvis!
blossoming pelvis!


The story of your sensual femininity is carried in your pelvis and womb – this story needs to be sung out and felt for you to transgress, find tenderness inside you, and grow. Sarah is called the Transformation Doula because she holds space for her clients to do just this work, in a safe and nurturing container of unconditional love and support. 


Let’s break free together!

Love, love – Sarah Lou


Viva la Pelvis!



  1. I am interested in a workshop for pelvic floor. I am struggling with incontinence. Have for several years. It’s getting worse. I hate it.

    1. Hi Jo, I’d love to help you cure your incontinence. If you want to speak on it more, send me a message with details, inclusion where you live. If I don’t live close enough, I can recommend resources for you!

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