yoga nidra for the doshas

Ayurveda and Yoga Nidra

Each one of these recordings is unique, speaking specifically to the Dosha, season, and elements in focus, using the ayurvedic adage, “like increases like”. Or in other words, to balance, we bring in the opposite influence. Yoga Nidra is explained in more depth below, but for now, consider it a way to deeply influence and metabolize long held tension, and to rewire our neurology towards rest. It is a way to follow the natural rhythms of the earth, and seasons. A methodology for planting lasting seeds of change. For more on Ayurveda check out this page!

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All 3 Yoga Nidra for the Doshas: online ($15)

Vata Balancing Yoga Nidra for the Doshas: online ($5)

Pitta Balancing Yoga Nidra for the Doshas: online ($5)

Kapha Balancing Yoga Nidra for the Doshas: online ($5)

About the Recordingssavasana

  • Each Recording uses unique imaging and visualizations to bring in the opposite qualities for a toning effect.
  • Each recording features nature sounds in the background that will compliment the element(s) and season in focus.
  • Each recording is approximately 30 minutes long, and is delivered to you electronically, in MP3 format. It is accompanied by an e-booklet for your delight.
  • Each recording was recorded in a studio with excellent sound quality and mastering.
  • Each recording was read by myself, Sarah Louisignau, all the way through, with the intent of infusing the energy into each syllable mindfully focusing to bring the desired therapeutic effect.

To further explore the incredible depth of Yoga Nidra, I will quote a great influence in the modern study of this ancient practice, Richard C. Miller, of the Integrative Restoration Institute. I could never articulate this better than he did – enjoy!

From the article, Yoga: The Principals and Practice of Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra is derived from the ancient Tantric Shastras, and forms a complete program of deep relaxation, intensive Self-inquiry and profound meditation. During Yoga Nidra we carefully and systematically investigate the nature of the structures and beliefs that define our personal identity. These structures include the physical body, the energy body, the sensation, feeling and emotional bodies, the bodies of thought and imagery, and the bodies of bliss and personal ego identity. We have come to believe that these bodies are solid and real structures. During Yoga Nidra we investigate the reality of these beliefs in order that we may go beyond what we have learned as second-hand information. Our objective is to develop an in-depth first-hand experience as to the structure and reality of our actual identity.

During the process of Yoga Nidra we also investigate the ground of awareness in which these bodies and beliefs are arising. Yoga Nidra is an inquiry into the actual substance and nature that everything is made of. Its aim is to answer the ultimate question as to the nature of our intrinsic, spiritual identity. Yoga Nidra asks: “Are we separate, finite entities, or are we something which is infinite and eternal? And if we are can we know ourselves as That, not intellectually, but as a fully embodied and every moment actual experience?”

The investigation that occurs during Yoga Nidra inevitably leads to the deconstruction and disidentification of our basic core beliefs about who we take ourselves to be. As our beliefs and assumptions dissolve, we glimpse our essential Nature as Presence and come to the first-hand conviction that we are not the limited, finite creatures that we mistakenly take ourselves to be. We find, instead, that we are a Vastness unfathomable to the mind; a joyous Beingness that is always present, even in the midst of the greatest difficulty. This is the supreme understanding that Yoga Nidra invites us to realize.

Yoga Nidra Defined
The word Yoga, from which we derive our English terms yoke and union, may be translated as “the joining together of two things that have never been separate.” The aim of Yoga is for us to realize that we are inseparably unified with the Vastness that everything in the Universe is made up of. And Yoga Nidra is a process that helps us understand that it is the mind, through its learned misperception, that keeps the belief of separation alive and prevents us from realizing our Divine nature.

The term “nidra,” from the Sanskrit, means ‘sleep.’ From the perspective of Yoga Nidra, we are asleep when we perceive the world to be made up of solid and separate objects. When we dream, we take the dream images to be real. When we wake-up, these dream objects are recognized to be empty of substance and we realize that all along they were only fabrications of the mind. During waking consciousness, we take our thought images and the ‘so-called’ solid objects of the world to be as real as the dream images are when we are asleep. We are convinced that waking thoughts and objects are real and we never question the validity of this belief. In fact, the thoughts and objects that appear to us in the waking state are as empty as dream images. And Yoga Nidra is a process whereby we explore and discover the truth of this fact.

In the context of Yoga Nidra then, the yogi is one who, whether asleep or awake, understands the fundamental nature of Reality. He and she embody the understanding that all things are inherently One, that there is only Consciousness, there is only God. There is no separation anywhere, under any circumstance, except as a mental conceptualization. Everything is made of the same substance. So Yoga Nidra is a play on words. It means the “sleep of the yogi” but implies that the yogi is one who is wide-awake to the real Truth or Reality of life.

Sarah Louisignau, E-RYT has been a student of Yoga, Ayurveda and Yoga Nidra for over a decade, and taught yoga since 2007. She now focuses her work in deep coaching and bodywork alliances with women to awaken their sensuality and radiance. See Radiant Women Coaching page for more details!

Special thanks to Kevin Deininger, who mastered and edited these recordings.

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